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Colorful rain clouds

Red-colored rain clouds rolling over the sky during sunset at Saarjärve nature reserve in EstoniaFeel free to browse through the gallery for more landscape images

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Bog lake reflection

Glassy lake Öördi located in Soomaa National Park reflecting a colorful spring sunset.Feel free to browse through the gallery for more landscape images

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Evening silence

The sun has set behind the blanket of clouds leaving the calm bog pond waiting for a good night sleep (Alam-Pedja nature reserve)Feek free to check out other bog images from the gallery

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Frozen bog during sunrise

Frozen bog landscape waiting for the first warm rays of the rising sun (Soomaa National Park)Feel free to browse through the gallery for more bog images

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Sunny evening at Soomaa National Park

Partially covered evening sun is painting everything golden within its reach. Due to the low angle of the sun, only the top of the grass is getting some light on the foreground. This creates beautiful […]

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First rays of the rising sun

First rays of the rising sun touching an old willow tree at the banks of partly frozen river Emajõgi in EstoniaFeel free to check out my other landscape photos from the gallery

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Frozen morning bog

There has hardly been any cold this winter and it is very rare to see the bog landscape frozen in the morning. And you have to be very lucky to catch sunrise on those rare […]

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First cold in the bog

First cold night in one of the bogs in Soomaa National Park has cast its magic on one of the ponds and covered it with a fragile patterned and glossy cover. Check out my other […]

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Last light

Colorful autumn bog enjoying the last rays of sunlight before the sun disappears behind the treeline (Soomaa National Park, Estonia).Check out my other images of Estonian bog landscape from the gallery–

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Cape St. Vincent during sunset

Strong wind from Cape St. Vincent blowing over the patches of small plants covering the rocky cliffs and rolling big waves towards the cliff island near the shore. Check out more images of Portugal from […]

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