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Colorful rain clouds

Red-colored rain clouds rolling over the sky during sunset at Saarjärve nature reserve in EstoniaFeel free to browse through the gallery for more landscape images

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Misty morning in the bog

The nights are already cold at the start of autumn and usually thick mist is covering the bog landscape during night which is quickly dissolved once the sun rises. The only sounds breaking the eerie […]

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Sunset at Harilaid

Windy evening at Harilaid where the sun has just set and flurries of wind are sending wave after wave to the beach

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Rising to the sky

Early morning fog surrounding the bog island is slowly rising to the sky and creating fluffy clouds which are partially colored red by the rising sun (Nigula nature reserve, Estonia)
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Sinking into the yellow softness


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Dawn-colored sky above the bog

  Colofully painted sky above the bog during the dawn on the last day of the year 2017 (Männikjärve bog, Endla national park, Estonia)

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Frozen and colorless

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Snow covered bog

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Twilight bog

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Summer bog landscape

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