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Whooper Swans on a bog pond

Three whooper swans swimming on a bog pond during sunrise (Soomaa national park)

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Rising to the sky

Early morning fog surrounding the bog island is slowly rising to the sky and creating fluffy clouds which are partially colored red by the rising sun (Nigula nature reserve, Estonia)
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Morning bog silence

Sun is rising above the fog engulfed bog, complete silence is broken from time to time by birds looking for breakfast on top of small bog pines
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Misty bog islands

A couple of bog islands in Männikjärve bog  wrapped into think blanket of mist during a summer morning. The islands have risen quite high due to hot and dry summer and there is barely any [...]
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Bog pines in the fog

The glow of the rising sun is illuminating the bog pines surrounded by thick blanket of fog
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Foggy bog

Fog engulfed half-dried ponds of Männikjärve bog in Endla Nature Reserve
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Alluvial meadow engulfed in mist

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Foggy summer night

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