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Colorful sunset

A spectaluar show in the sky during a sunset when the sky turned pink and all of the rocks and boulders at the beach were painted alike (Dirhami)
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Sun setting behind erratic boulders

Sun is setting behind the erratic boulders resting in the calm sea water at Dirhami, Estonia
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Sinking into the yellow softness


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Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis)

Long-tailed Duck going to the water after warming on the hot sand
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Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus)

Oystercatcher flying above the shallow sea water near the coastline
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Sunset at the sea

Setting sun is casting the last rays of golden sunlight on the rocks in the shallow and calm sea water near the shore at Kabli, Estonia

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Enjoying the sunset

Black-headed gull is resting and enjoying the sunset on a rock barely breaking the surface (Kabli, Pärnu County)
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Misty bog islands

A couple of bog islands in Männikjärve bog  wrapped into think blanket of mist during a summer morning. The islands have risen quite high due to hot and dry summer and there is barely any [...]
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Bog pines in the fog

The glow of the rising sun is illuminating the bog pines surrounded by thick blanket of fog
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Foggy bog

Fog engulfed half-dried ponds of Männikjärve bog in Endla Nature Reserve
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