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Colorful rain clouds

Red-colored rain clouds rolling over the sky during sunset at Saarjärve nature reserve in EstoniaFeel free to browse through the gallery for more landscape images

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Bog lake reflection

Glassy lake Öördi located in Soomaa National Park reflecting a colorful spring sunset.Feel free to browse through the gallery for more landscape images

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White wagtail on a bog pine

White wagtail looking for food on a dried branch of bog pine near a lake during sunset.More bird images in the gallery

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Evening silence

The sun has set behind the blanket of clouds leaving the calm bog pond waiting for a good night sleep (Alam-Pedja nature reserve)Feek free to check out other bog images from the gallery

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Setting behind the mountains

Sun is setting behind the San Jacinto Peak in the San Jacinto Mountains located behind the Cochella Valley in the middle of the image (Keys View, Joshua Tree National Park)

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Colorful sunset

A spectaluar show in the sky during a sunset when the sky turned pink and all of the rocks and boulders at the beach were painted alike (Dirhami)
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Sun setting behind erratic boulders

Sun is setting behind the erratic boulders resting in the calm sea water at Dirhami, Estonia
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Sinking into the yellow softness


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Sunset at the sea

Setting sun is casting the last rays of golden sunlight on the rocks in the shallow and calm sea water near the shore at Kabli, Estonia

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Purple loosestrife and the setting sun

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