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First cold in the bog

First cold night in one of the bogs in Soomaa National Park has cast its magic on one of the ponds and covered it with a fragile patterned and glossy cover. Check out my other […]

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Last light

Colorful autumn bog enjoying the last rays of sunlight before the sun disappears behind the treeline (Soomaa National Park, Estonia).Check out my other images of Estonian bog landscape from the gallery–

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Colorful sky during sunrise

Once in a while there is a chance to enjoy breathtakingly colorful sky during dawn when the clouds start to turn red to match the color of the moss surrounding the bog pond. The spectacle […]

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Misty morning in the bog

The nights are already cold at the start of autumn and usually thick mist is covering the bog landscape during night which is quickly dissolved once the sun rises. The only sounds breaking the eerie […]

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Electric blue summer night sky

Electric blue noctilucent clouds reflecting from the bog pond

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Sunset in the bog

Setting sun has cast its golden glow on bog islands and the pond banks turning the view into a colorful specatcle (Soomaa National Park)

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Frozen bog

The cold touch of the approaching winter has covered all the trees and plants with small ice crystals, even the rising sun does not generate enough heat to break the icy encasement (Soomaa national park)
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Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major)

Great Spotted Woodepecker busy on a dead bog pine during twilight hours

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Rising to the sky

Early morning fog surrounding the bog island is slowly rising to the sky and creating fluffy clouds which are partially colored red by the rising sun (Nigula nature reserve, Estonia)
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Rising above the misty bog

The glow of the rising sun is starting to pierce through the thick wall of fog covering the bog landscape at Nigula nature reserve in Estonia
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