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Marsh tit during sunrise

A Marsh tit (Poecile palustris) taking a a look at the camera.Check out my other bird images from the gallery

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Kaks õuna

Blue tit sitting on top of a an yellow apple and looking almost similar to its seating which is also its dinnerCheck out my other bird images from the gallery

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Bearded reedling

Bearded reedling has found the best place to feast on the seeds in the middle of reed seeds.Check out other bird images from the gallery.

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First cold in the bog

First cold night in one of the bogs in Soomaa National Park has cast its magic on one of the ponds and covered it with a fragile patterned and glossy cover. Check out my other […]

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The Watchman

The Watchman enjoying the last rays of sunlight in Zion National Park

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The Three Patriarchs

Fresh snow covering the The Three Patriarcs (only one is visible) in Zion National Park

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Lower Calf Creek Falls

The trail to waterfall goes up and down at the bottom of the canyon floor. Along the 5km to the falls, you’ll pass two ancient granaries and mighty pictographs on the wall opposite the canyon.

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Spotted Towhee (Pipilo maculatus)

Spotted Towhee in the hunt for food in the small bushes on the canyon floor (Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail)

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Grand Canyon

Steep and colorful walls of the Grand Canyon left me struck with awe while standing on one of the viewpoints. No wonder it’s the most famous and visited site in the USA.

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Grey Partridges (Perdix perdix)

Grey partridges being alarmed on a snowcovered grassland

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