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Last light

Colorful autumn bog enjoying the last rays of sunlight before the sun disappears behind the treeline (Soomaa National Park, Estonia).Check out my other images of Estonian bog landscape from the gallery–

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Cape St. Vincent during sunset

Strong wind from Cape St. Vincent blowing over the patches of small plants covering the rocky cliffs and rolling big waves towards the cliff island near the shore. Check out more images of Portugal from […]

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Sunset at Harilaid

Windy evening at Harilaid where the sun has just set and flurries of wind are sending wave after wave to the beach

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Bended by the wind

Wind from the sea is bending the light straws growing at the edge of the beach to its direction after the sunset (Harilaid, Saaremaa)

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Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus)

Western Capercaillie flying above the bog ponds during sunset in Soomaa National Park

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Brown Pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis)

Brown Pelican flying above the waves of Pacific ocean near the coast of California

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Mesquite Sand Dunes

There are also sand dunes present in the Death Valley National Park. Unfortunately the site was overcrowded and all of the dunes had footprints on top of them during sunset.

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Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin salt flats are one of the most famous sites in Death Valley National Park. The lowest point of the valley is 86 meters below sea level. Rare rainfall covers the bottom of the […]

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The Watchman

The Watchman enjoying the last rays of sunlight in Zion National Park

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Enjoying the sunset

Black-headed gull is resting and enjoying the sunset on a rock barely breaking the surface (Kabli, Pärnu County)
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